[US] Duckys World
Direct Connect: usc1.exiled.host:7033</color>

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Please make sure to follow the rules:
Failure to do so could result in punishment.
1. All discussion must be in the English language
2. Members of staff reserve the right to end a certain behavior or discussion
3. Use of any derogatory slurs will not be tolerated (Racist, Anti-Semitic, etc.)
4. Any use of alternate accounts to evade bans or punishment is prohibited and will increase your punishment's severity
5. Personal attacks, harassment, intentional provocations, threats, doxxing, petty insults, and other such behavior is prohibited.
6. Teamkilling (TK) is prohibited during in-progress rounds and you will be punished accordingly

Teaming Rules
Cuffed Class-D or Scientists are not allowed to be killed unless it is by an SCP

SCPs can team with…
Chaos Insurgency but can show mercy to Class-D for a short period of time.

Facility Personnel (Scientists and Facility Guards) can team with…
Class-D, NTF, and cuffed classes

NTF/MTF can team with…
Facility Personnel (Scientists and Facility Guards), Class-D, and cuffed classes

Chaos Insurgency can team with…
Class-D, SCPs, and cuffed classes

Voice Rules
1. Do not mic spam in spectator or Pre-Game chat.
2. Earrape is prohibited (inclusive with loud sounds, etc.)
3. YOU are expected to know what gets played through your microphone. If it violates any rules regarding slurs you will be punished accordingly
4. Music/Soundboards are allowed but if you are asked by anybody to stop, then you must stop.
5. 939 Voice Clips involving slurs or anything that violates the rules are expected to be deleted after informing staff. Utilizing them intentionally will result in punishment.

Server Plugins:
• Common_Utilities (Adds quality of life things for the server)
• RemoteKeycard (Makes it so that you don't have to hold your keycard out to open doors)
• 914Hold (Makes it so that you don't have to drop your items in 914)

Staff Hierarchy
(1) Owner: ducky#4790
(2) Community Management: ChrisP#0825
(2) Server Management: Colby#7816
(2) Staff Management: Chombos#1349

(3) Junior Management: Duck#7976
(3) Junior Management: PigInDisguise#8580
(4) Staff Supervisor: poetry#2787
(5) Junior Supervisor: Iron#2581

(6-8) Members of Staff [SENIOR MOD – TRIAL MOD.]
(X) Probationary/Blacklisted