Keklord's Secret Lab
North American Hosted
TL:DR Everything is fair play unless it's an exploit or glitch. Don't be salty, get revenge on that scientist.

Probably the most rule-free server in US-EAST. But please read below for clarification.

Join the Discord by clicking this text or do it manually at

----Basic Rules----
- Don't Cheat
- Don't Earrape
- Don't Hold up rounds excessively, you may be killed
- Don't mass teamkill as MTF or Chaos
----Ban Times----
- Hacking = Permban
- Earrape = Mute
- Music that isn't earrape = Fine
- Profanity and slurs = Fine (But staff are barred from using slurs)
- Excessive use of slurs or incitement of violence = Mute

"Excessive" means at my discretion.