Sky's Lab

Welcome to Sky's Lab.

Server Location: Los Angeles
Friendly Fire: On
Auto-AFK Kick Time: 5 minutes
Disarmed Scientists and Class-D Escape as the opposite team: Yes
Autonuke Time: 20 minutes
Discord Server: https://discord.gg/WzQEzXqKea
Contact the Owner: [email protected]

Gameplay Information
The following SCPs are able to speak in global chat (using V):
- SCP-049
- SCP-173
- SCP-096
- SCP-106

is enabled on this server. To swap to a different scp, use .scpswap <SCP>.
If the requested SCP is being already being played, a request will be sent to the player asking if they want to swap with you. They can use ".scpswap decline" to decline your request, or ".scpswap accept" to accept it.
SCPSwap can only be used by SCPs, and within the first 60 seconds of the round.</s>

SCPs are allowed to "spare" Class-Ds, unless it directly impedes the progression of the round. (I.E. An SCP chooses to spare a Class D at the end of the round, when there's no other players left.) SCPs are NOT allowed to spare Class-Ds in the Entrance or Surface Zones.

Chaos Insurgency and Mobile Task Force (MTF) are allowed to team if there is a mutual benefit between the two parties. (I.E. They're killing an SCP together.) This alliance ends the moment the mutual goal has been accomplished.

1. Do not cheat / exploit / attempt to gain an unfair advantage in any way.
2. Sexism, Bigotry, or any type of discriminatory remarks are strictly prohibited.
3. Cross-Teaming is not allowed. Please follow the above cross-teaming guidelines for the exceptions.
4. No unjust Team-Kills. Self Defense or accidentally killing a team member, like while fighting an SCP is allowed.
5. Killing detained personnel is not allowed. (I.E. Facility Guards may not kill detained Class-D, because the Class-D will respawn as an MTF because they are cuffed)
6. Micspamming is not allowed in Radio, Spectator Chat, SCP Chat, or Intercom. You may play audios through local chat if they are not loud, and they are not bothering other players.

<color=#002d9e>Extra things to note:

<color=#788eff>1. This server is English only.
2. Respect all moderation decisions and actions. If you feel a punishment was unjust, please privately report the HR to a higher level admin in our Discord Server, or to the owner.
3. Do not be toxic.