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1. Don't be an ass! Don't troll, harass, minge, or anything of the sort. You are expected to play to your team's objective(s). While a deviation from your objectives usually won't result in punishment, purposefully delaying games for an extended period will.

2. Don't mass team kill. Friendly fire can happen on accident, MassTK not so much. Practice trigger discipline and think twice before pulling the pin on that grenade.

3. Metagaming(aka Ghosting, Metacomms, stream sniping) is prohibited. Distributing information outside the means of the game that gives you an edge over other players is prohibited. If you are a streamer it is highly recommended you either put on a Stream Delay of at least 30 seconds or notify a staff member you are streaming to help against stream sniping.

4. Don't impersonate Arckei or Northwood staff. You may be asked to change your name if is similar to a staff name. Actively impersonating staff will result in a permanent ban.

5. Don't Mic spam. Mic Spam is making any audible sounds that can be considered annoying. Music is the exception to this rule however music must not be extremely loud or "bass boosted to all hell".

6. The use of cheats, trainers, or anything that could give you an unfair advantage will result in permanent removal from the server and cannot be appealed. (See https://scpslgame.com/Ban_Policy.pdf and https://store.steampowered.com/eula/700330_eula_0)

In regards to all rules
Please note that the above list of rules is not all-encompassing and may change at any time. Ignorance does not excuse you from the rules nor will breaking a rule just because someone else did it.
In regards to Northwood SCPSL Global Tags
All global tags are vanity tags(meaning they hold no moderation power) with the exception of the Global Moderation Team. We hold no jurisdiction over the Global Moderation Team and they are not required to enforce the house rules. In most cases, they are on the server to look for and ban cheaters.(See Rule 6)

Please consider joining the discord so you can get notified of any events taking place.

Kei Shin#4780 OR [email protected] (Discord is preferred for all non-urgent matters)

Last Updated: Jan 3rd, 2021