<style="title"><size=130%>Firefly<color=#404040>SCP server</style>
<align="left"><color=white><size=100%>Welcome to our SCP: Secret Laboratory server.

<style="title"><size=80%><color=#ff9900>Server Rules</style><size=100%>
<color=red>(1) <color=white>Cheating, exploiting, and hacking is strictly prohibited and will be reported to Northwood Staff.
<color=red>(2) <color=white>ALWAYS listen to admin.
<color=red>(3) <color=white>Harassment of other players is not allowed.
<color=red>(4) <color=white>Teaming is allowed, so long as it doesn't delay the round.
<color=red>(5) <color=white>Impersonation as Northwood, SCP:SL, or FireFly staff members is forbidden.
<color=red>(6) <color=white>teamkilling without isn't allowed.
<indent=15%><color=#828282><size=80%>(6.1) Teamkilling at the end of the round in typical SCP:SL fashion is allowed.</indent>
<size=100%><color=red>(7) <color=white>Misuse of the in-game reporting system is forbidden.
<color=red>(8) <color=white>Team sabotage is not allowed.
<color=red>(9) <color=white>Excessive mic-spam while spectating or using the intercom is not allowed.
<indent=15%><color=#828282><size=80%>(9.1) The use of soundboards and text-to-speech engines are NOT allowed, even on the intercom.</indent>
<indent=15%><color=#828282>(9.2) All content which is excessively loud (i.e. earrape) is banned.</indent>
<size=100%><color=red>(10) <color=white>Any and all illegal content is strictly forbidden.
<color=red>(11) <color=white>Toxic behaviour is not allowed.
<color=red>(12) <color=white>No advertising of any kind.
<color=red>(13) <color=white>DO not kill scp as 0-79

<style="title"><size=90%><color=#d60000>Additional Information</style>
<size=85%>DIscord server <color=#cdf>https://discord.gg/7aJfxTGBSk.


<color=red><size=75%>Last updated: <color=white>10/15/2022