1. Don't ruin other player's game experience.
2. Always listen to staff members.
3. No Mic spam / Earape.
4. Don't play Music / use soundboard in spectator or at the intercom or in radio.
5. Use common sense.
6. No Discrimination.
7. No camping
8. Only talk English don't speak other languages.
9. No Human-SCP teaming, only Chaos can team with SCP's.
10. No impersonation, Don't act like you are a staff member.
11. No ban/mute evading, Don't use alts to evade a mute or a ban, if we see you breaking this rule you will be PERM-IP banned.
12. Don't troll with 914, Don't burn cards, kill people or randomly open the gate so the SCP's can get in.
12. Don't use hack clients, any way of unfair advantage will be punished
13. No chargebacks if you chargeback your money you will be banned
14. Don't abuse friendly fire, Just don't shoot everyone.

Server settings and plugins
- Friendly - fire - ON
- SCPs - Every SCP can talk with humans.
- 914 settings - You can hold your keycard or have something in your inventory, We got custom 914 stuff put a coin on 1 - 1 and test it out!
- CHOPPER DROPS - every 10 minutes the MTF chopper will drop items at the MTF spawn.
- Tranq gun - There are tranq guns spawned around the map where you can tranq players with.
- Health on kill - If you are a SCP you can get health when you kill someone.
- SCP575 - There are random blackouts and there is a chance you get damage from it if you dont have something that is light.
- RemoteKeycard - You can have your keycard in your inv to open a door, so you dont have to hold it.
- SCPswap - in the first minute you can swap SCP with another SCP.
- Stalky 106 - SCP 106 can teleport to players every 40 seconds
- ThrowItems - If you drop a item you just throw it away into the distance.
- BetterSinkHoles - If you walk over a sinkhole you get tped into pocket dimension. (currently not working)
- Custom health - SCP 173: 3000, SCP 049-2: 400
- Better disarming - Other Disarmed escape results. (currently not changed)
- 914 settings<b> - You can hold in your hand or in your inv to upgrade, There is a chance you spawn as D boy with a coin you can put it on rough or very fine to see what you get!
- <b>Zombie infection
- If you kill someone as a zombie there is a 60% chance he respawns as a zombie.
- Peanut explodes - If peanut dies he explodes
and much more! check the server for more features!