<size=30><color=#00e3c1>Section 1: Basic Guidelines</color=cyan></size=30>

1. Cheats, hacks, and bug exploits are prohibited. Abusing glitches to your advantage is also prohibited.

2. Don't throw the game. An example of throwing the game would be committing suicide as SCP because you don't want to play as the SCP you were given.

3. Don't disrespect the server staff, and don't beg staff for class changes, special roles, event / meme rounds, etc.

4. Threats of doxing, DDoSing, or hacking will result in an immediate ban.

5. Announcing / intentionally exposing staff who have their tags hidden will result in punishment.

6. Overly-toxic behavior that results in multiple reports will result in punishment.

7. No stalling. If the last team member(s) camp at a specific location, moderators will punish those who are stalling the round.

8. No team sabotaging is allowed. This includes turning off generators, killing obedient Class-D / Scientists which have been cuffed by another teammate, and uncuffing Class-D / Scientists right before their escape (to turn them into the opposing team, preventing your team's win).

<size=30><color=#00e3c1>Section 2: Teaming Guidelines</color=cyan></size=30>

1. Teaming is only allowed when it's beneficial for both parties, such as when MTF and Chaos Insurgency ignore each other to kill an SCP. Teams must be temporary, and must be dissolved once the primary goal has been met.

2. Teams cannot last throughout the entire round under any circumstance.

3. Class-D and Scientists may team up against the SCPs, but not against MTF / Chaos Insurgency.

4. No humans (MTF, Chaos Insurgency, Class-D, Scientist, Facility Guard, etc.) are allowed to team with SCPs.

5. The MTF are encouraged, but not required, to detain / disarm Class-D in order to convert them to MTF by escaping while disarmed. Same goes for Chaos Insurgency.

<size=30><color=#00e3c1>Section 3: Microphone Guidelines</color=cyan></size=30>

1. Mic spamming (e.g. audio/video/continuous voice chatter) is only permitted in proximity voice chat. Don't mic spam in the radio, spectator, & SCP team voice channels.

2. Ear-rape is prohibited in all voice chats except proximity chat & the intercom.

<size=30><color=#00e3c1>Section 4: Disarmed Players</color=cyan></size=30>

1. Disarmed Class-D or Scientists shouldn't be killed by the disarming team. For example, MTF shouldn't kill disarmed Class-D, and Chaos Insurgency shouldn't kill disarmed Scientists, unless the Class-D or Scientist is uncooperative.