1. No discrimination against religion, gender, race, sexual orientation or any of the like. We're here to have fun, not be assholes.
2. No purposeful teamkill. D-Class killing D-Class is permitted.
3. Trapped SCP's will be freed after 10-30 seconds if a mod is online and is made aware to the situation.
4. Be chill, please.
5. IN REGARDS TO TEAMING. D-Class and SCP teaming is permitted, unless holding up the round. SCP and MTF is frowned on, but very short lived teaming is permitted in some circumstances (ex. "I won't kill you if you let me in that room"). Chaos and MTF teaming is FORBIDDEN. A disarmed player will be counted as the other team, for example, a disarmed D-Class would be on the MTF team until saved, and vice versa regarding scientists. Any other teaming that still allows the round to end once those two classes are left is completely permitted (ex. Chaos and SCP)
6. You can only mic spam on local mic. No mic spamming on scp chat, dead chat, intercom, or radio.