Coffee House
Welcome to Coffee House! Our server is primarily English so please use English whenever possible, mini-chats in other languages is okay though.

<color=#A0A0A0>Join our discord<color=#7289DA> https://discord.gg/uR5eVcrGbz


1 - Exploiting/Cheating will to a straight perma-ban and report to Northwood. This is unappealable. Just don't exploit! :D

2 - No team sabotage! Team sabotage can make the game not fun, team sabotage can be classed as the following:
Using tesla gates on SCPs as 079
MTF turning off gens (this is the same for CI)
Using another faction to kill a player.

3 - Please do not harass anyone. Harassment isn't decided by what YOU or STAFF think, this is decided by the user! If they feel as if they are being attacked by you they can report you. Using "Banter" as an excuse will not be taken and you will still be punished.

4 - Hate speech, Bigotry or any form of offensive language is not tolerated, including baiting. This includes abusive or threatening speech towards a group of people, such as homosexuals, religion, race, gender, slurs, or sexually degrading language.

5 - Refrain from impersonating the moderation staff. All of our staff members have a tag in-game with a certain colour. If the person does NOT have the corresponding colour, they are not a staff member. The staff tags are as listed below:
"Trial Moderator"
"Senior Moderator"
"HR Manager"

6 - Do not join with alt accounts to bypass a ban on your account. You must take responsibilities for your actions.

7- KoS is PROHIBITED on this server, any cuffed players cannot be killed for the second reason on the list. KoS will on be permitted if the user is:
Round stalling
Not listening

8 - Teaming with other factions in the game is prohibited. But, making a deal for a short period of time is allowed, such as giving a person an item.

9 - Please do not beg any form of staff for items. Don't harass them, we like to chill as well!

10 - Do not round delay please, it's uncool! :)

11 - Please refrain from playing music within spectator, radio, intercom and SCP chats, this is to allow people to listen to sounds such as footsteps. Along with this, refrain from playing earrape/bass boosted music. It can become irritating and will lead to mutes. If people ask you to stop, stop.

12 - Prevent from making loopholes within the rules! You aren't smart. You won't get away with it! :)

13 - Refrain from abusing any bugs you find, if you do it with nobody is around it's fine, but dont do it to gain an advantage in gameplay! Along with this, don't abuse bugs within the plugins. Please report these in the discord server!

These rules are subject to the interpretation of myself and the other moderators in this server. Complaining will not help you in any way. Saying you didn’t know the rules is not a valid reason to appeal an offense. These rules are subject to change at any time

<b>Contact Information - Will be checked every 7-15 Business days<b>

[email protected]