Welcome to NextLevel SCP:SL! If you wish to apply for staff or keep up with the community please join our discord server.
Discord: https://discord.gg/sBqDYTy
1.a. Everyone in-game is prohibited from micspam over the radio, or any global chats.
1.b. Everyone in-game is prohibited from ghosting/metagaming.
1.c. Everyone in-game is prohibited to show or be involved in toxic/annoying/dramatic behaviors.
1.d. Everyone in-game is prohibited from delaying an ongoing round.
1.e. Everyone in-game is prohibited to cheat.
1.f. Everyone in-game is prohibited to exploit.
1.g. Everyone’s Username mustn't contain derogatory language and mustn't contain outside links.
1.h. Staff can punish players if they do not follow unlisted rules/exceptions that involve “common sense”.
1.i. All Players must be able to speak English to a reasonable extent.
1.k. Do not excessively say any sexual/homophobic words/references. Any and all racial slurs are not allowed.
1.l. Do not make false or unreasonable reports, they may result in a kick or ban. Also do not spam reports.
2.a.1. Teamkilling is strictly prohibited.
2.a.2. Killing detained players is strictly prohibited.
2.b.1. As Class D you can team with Scientists/Guards/MTF/SCPs (Not against your own team.)
2.c.1 As Scientist Personnel you can team with Class D/Chaos Insurgency (Not against your own team.)
2.d.1. As Chaos Insurgency you can team with MTF/Guards/Scientists (Not against your own team.)
2.e.1. As MTF/Guard Personnel you can team with Chaos Insurgency/Class D (Not against your own team.)
2.e.2. As MTF/Guard you are allowed to give orders to those below your ranks and detain them for not following orders.
2.e.3. As MTF/Guard You are allowed to give detained Chaos or Class D personnel orders. Scientist Personnel can only be given orders by the commanding MTF operator.
2.f.1. As SCP-049-2 you are prohibited to attempt to kill yourself, and you must follow SCP-049’s commands. (Given that they are reasonable)
2.f.2. As SCP-079 you are prohibited to lock other SCPs in rooms; You are also not allowed to teamkill other SCPs using a tesla gate.