The Kitsune's Den [US]

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1. Have fun
2. Being under the age of 13 is a bannable offense. It’s up to staff discretion (you better not use your voice mod kiddos).
3. 0 Tolerance rule to phobias against LGBTQ+, racism, NSFW content, and anything that is objectively offensive.
4. Mic spam is allowed if you are alive. Spectator chat shouldn’t be spammed and the intercom is ok if it’s not annoying.
5. KOS isn’t allowed. You can not kill D-Class and Scientist unless they are armed or not listening.
6. Teaming that would prolong the game is not allowed.
7. Camping is not allowed unless you are trapped by an SCP or the last target
8. Make sure all players drink water else Dr. Malpractice shall attend to the issue.
9. No godmode spots
10. No hacking.


1. SCPSwap (Lets you swap SCPS with another SCP)
2. Healthinfo (Health in player name for team members)
3. RespawnTimer (Displays respawn time and tickets, as well as warhead status)
4. AutoNuke Revamped (Automatically activates the warhead 20-25 minutes depending on player couunt)
5. CandyUtilities (Brings back pink candy and shows what candy you pick up)
6. EffectKeeper (Keeps your SCP-207, Hat usage, and SCP-1853 status effects whenever you escape!)
7. SCP-035 (Introduces a new SCP item into the game that acts similar to the SCP-035 from the wiki)
8. CustomRoles (Adds new subclasses to roles that offer cool new abilities and perks)
9. CustomItems (Adds custom SCP items obtainable within CustomRoles for players)
10. Remote Keycard (Allows you to open doors you can access through your keycard without equipping it)
11. KillLogs (Admin Discord Log Tool)
12. AdminTools (Custom Admin Commands)
13. DiscordIntegration (Connects our server to a cool discord bot)

Our rules and plugins are condensed and simplified here for easy reading. For the in-depth explanation of rules, join our server.

Last Updated 9-10-23