Tam's Pizzeria

<s>Restrained scientists/dboys switch teams upon escaping</s>


- Be friendly.
- Roleplay is encouraged.
- Impersonating staff will get you kicked.
- No cheating. We are legally obliged to ban cheaters.
- No intercom & spectator VC earrape.
- No unwarranted teamkilling.
- No teaming between SCPs and MTF / Facility Guards.
- Don't camp the nuke room as an SCP.
- Don't camp the escape area.
- Don't use auto-clicker or macroing software to your advantage. This will be treated as cheats.

- Help, i've been wrongfully banned! You can appeal bans in our Discord Server, join and read the FAQ.

<size=20>Server Staff</size=20><size=10> (Names are clickable!)</size=10>
- Tam
- Evan
- DrTsuki
- Printer
- Capt.ThunderAss
- Eagle
- LeverTV

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Keep in mind that this server stores per-player stats, which can be found HERE