Hello Welcome to Step Into The MEMES


If you want to join our discord Click Here

Here Are The Da Rules click here

if you get banned but you don't have a discord click here


If the Server randomly restarts it was either me PSQTGW or a error occurred

I PSQ encourage players to have a discord for multiple reasons like ban appeals, contacting admins and other things.

if you are banned permanently (which you must have really messed up if it happens) go to our discord
or complain to your mom and hate the game for years. yea(This An't fortnite buddy NO TOXICITY)

In Super Smash Bro Ultimate online for background matchmaking it says "Step Into The Ring" so me PSQTGW liking memes put the title as Step Into The MEMES and around that time my friend Doodlebot introduced me to this game,
SCP secret laboratory. So i rented a server called it Step Into The MEMES.