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1. Please keep toxic to a mild, Just not to the point where people leave.

2. listen to staff, obviously if they making threats to you then report it to the owner in our discord

3. Don't be racist, Aka saying the n-word.

4. Don't ear rape in any place, Aka pre-game chat, Dead chat, ect... Yes you can mic spam, Aka hold down your mic for a long time but just don't make any loud noises.

5. Any type of hacking will be a perm ban, Any usage of bug exploits to use as a advantage will be a day ban.

6. Teaming with opposing teams is not allowed, Meaning NTF & Chaos

7. MTF & Chaos are encourage but not required to disarm Class-D and Scientists

8. Do not kill disarmed cooperative Class-D or Scientists

9. Don't hold up the round

10. If you are chaos don't kill a dclass

11. FF is only enabled for a more realistic feeling, Don't TK people without a actually legit reason/color>

<color=#6EF01F>Server Info

Server runs in Canada
--Plugin list is below--
Random Lights Out
Custom Inventory'S
049 Can Talk With V
Custom 914 Recipes Such As Changing Class
Pro079, Adds cool commands for 079
CI Spy