<align="center">Hopeless Idiots
The official Hopeless Idiots SCP SL Server!

We are a friendly server built for the people who wanna chill have a good and fun time.

We are a safespace for everyone in this community and will NOT tolerate derogatory language/actions that target people. Including sexism, anti-lgbt speech, racism and etc. They WILL be met and dealt with severely.

[Hopeless Idiots Discord:] →Click Here←

Hopeless Idiots Twitch subs or server boosters can get a special badge that changes colours!


Remote Keycards - you don't need to hold your keycard to open a door!

SCP-914 Class Changes - Class D can change to Scientists and vice versa as well as many others!

Scanner - tells you how many of each class there are.

End of Round Friendly Fire - feel free to friendly fire when the round ends!

Chopper Drops - supplies will be delivered on the surface every 10 minutes!

SCP-049-2 Infection - allows SCP-049-2 to infect others. If somebody dies from an infection, they instantly become SCP-049-2!

Generator Malfunctions - leads to lights-out situations.

SCP-106 Stalking - SCP-106 can sinkhole near to any targets!

SCP Swaps - SCPs can swap with each other or unused roles!

Lone 079 - When the PC is the last SCP, they will respawn as a different SCP somewhere in HCZ with 50-100% hp depending on their access tier when they die. This does not work when nuked!

Unlimited Radio battery - so you can crank that range all the way up to ultra range, constantly be able to talk to your team and have a great time. Makes NTF tasks a treat and well coordinated!



No team sabotage or wrongful teaming, SCPs cannot team with D-class, Scientists, Guards, or NTF. No shutting doors on teammates to inconvenience them or make the game harder, especially in attempt to get them killed.

Please do not play any music on the server as we have streamers (the hopeless idiots) come on here and we don't want to risk them being striked or taken down. We will be a little stricter with dealing with said situation if there are currently people streaming on there.

No KOS before the first spawn wave. No killing escape classes who are cuffed and cooperative.

No disrespecting the staff, hopeless idiots, or other members of the server. And do not persist on asking for staff perms/RA password and etc. Anyone violating the rules or causing unnecessary distress may adhere to consequences and punishments.

Do not prioritise the death/misfortune of staff members or hopeless idiots due to their rank or role on the server.

If you are stuck in a room in the facility, please use the report function in the game and send a report stating you are stuck and which room you are stuck in. You will be let out upon wave spawn or someone escaping


Steiner's (owner) steam account (clickable): →Steiner←
Steiner's (owner) discord account: MGHM "Steiner"#6141

Electro's (developer) steam account (clickable): →Electro←
Electro's (developer) discord account: ElectroDrag#9269

Ban appeal (clickable): →Ban Appeal←

The Hopeless Idiots Discord (clickable): →Hopeless Idiots←