<size=28> Welcome to <color=#ff0000>The Big Lab!<size=28>

<size=20>Join our discord (clickable): <color=#6E0707>discord.gg/g3WhJFAczt</color><size=20>

<size=18> Server Rules <size=18>

<size=14>1. No Discrimination, Discriminatory speech, derogatory language, etc.<size=14>

<size=14>2. No NSFW, be it talking explicitly, ERPing etc, If it would not be SFW then it is prohibited.<size=14>

<size=14>3. Do not intentionally cause drama and/or arguments, Try to avoid whenever Possible.<size=14>

<size=14>4. Do not intentionally make people uncomfortable in any way.<size=14>

<size=14>5. Do not discuss historical or controversial topics inside the server.<size=14>

<size=14>6. Do not harass other players, in server or out.<size=14>

<size=14>7. Do not TeamSabotage, this includes CD and Scientist.<size=14>

<size=14>8. Do not Team, If you cannot end the round with them, you cannot work with them.<size=14>

<size=14>9. No KOS, this excludes Class-D on Scientist and vice versa. Cuffkilling applies to all roles.<size=14>

<size=14>10. No MicSpam, This includes soundboards. Especially on Global chats, eg. Intercom, pre and post game, The gramophone, Spectator and SCPchat.<size=14>

<size=14>11. Do not impersonate staff, staff withhold the right to ban you if they believe you have broken a rule.<size=14>

<size=14>12. Do not Hack, Exploit or use any bugs, Especially the ones that give you an ingame advantage.<size=14>

<size=14> <color=#FF0000>Attempting to find Loopholes in these rules will result in normal punishment, Staff withhold the right to ban you if deemed necessary. If you have any issues, feel free to open a support ticket on the discord, alternatively you may reach out to the owner himself; @BigBro on discord.<color=#FF0000> <size=14>