Victor's really cool server

Join the really cool discord!

if you need help you can contact this email: [email protected]

914 is set to hold and drop (you can keep the items in your hands)

follow basic rules
1. Do NOT kill on sight, unless the other person is visibly armed,
this can resort to a ban if repeated. (guards/mtf killing unarmed dclass)
2. Mic spam is allowed only ingame (not in spectators) unless peoples want you to stop.
3. Be respectful (no racism , no homophobia/bigotry, no harassment, respect others preferred pronouns and such).
4. No hacking/exploiting (exploiting .
5. You can team up (chaos/scp, dclass/scientist/guard) but try not to delay the round by doing so.
6. If you get a class you don't like, try to at least finish the round. Don't leave/suicide because you don't like the class.
7. Do not camp (scp camping at the end of surface, chaos/mtf in nuke, ect.)

Have fun!!!!