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<size=20><align="center">RULES :)

<align="left">1. Do not abuse glitches, exploits or unreachable areas

2. Do not mic spam
- Music is okay unless a staff member tells you to stop

3. Teamkilling is only tolerated under these circumstances:
- The round is over
- They are attacking you unprovoked
- They are griefing/sabotating (e.g. shutting off generators, repeatedly closing doors on teammates, stealing items, putting you or a teammates life at risk, harming other SCPs via Tesla Gate as SCP-079)
- They cross into your line of fire
- They are asking for it

3. Do not intentionally delay the round in any way.

4. Do not leave/suicide to avoid playing as a class/becoming SCP-049-2.

5. Do not team with enemy players.
- Scientist + Class-D.
- Chaos Insurgency + SCP (If there are no Class-D).

6. KOS and killing cuffed players is allowed.

7. Do not try to find/use loop holes in the rules.

8. Use your head. If it's not listed here, it doesn't mean you can do it.

9. Steam TOS applies here.
(No hacking, racism, whatever.)