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Server Rules

1. Anything against game rules or ToS is not permitted and will always result in a ban.<size=13>
This includes exploiting bugs or unintended game features to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

2. Harassment of any users or groups will not be tolerated whatsoever.
This includes, but is not limited to:
- Offensive slurs of any kind
- Targeted harassment (targeting in-game, following and insulting someone)
- Derogatory comments
- Anything else deemed particularly offensive, harassing, or defaming

3. Micspam (music, earrape, repetitive sounds; soundboards) is not allowed in SCP chat, spectator chat, intercom, and radio.

4. Killing detained and cooperative personnel (ONLY Class-D and Scientists) is not permitted. This will result in a kick of the offender and a respawn of the dead player

5. Do not discuss anything relating to human suffering, such as mass genocide or torture (ex. jokes relating to the Holocaust or Nazis)

6. Teaming with classes that do not share a win condition while alive or escaped is not permitted.
Classes who <color=red>CANNOT team: MTF and CI, SCPs and MTF, SCPs and Scientists,
Classes who SOMETIMES can team: Class-D and SCPs (minimally)
Classes who ALWAYS can team: MTF and Scientists, MTF and Class-D, CI and Scientists, CI and Class-D, SCPs and CI
6.1. Furthermore, holding up the round by hiding or camping in one spot longer than necessary is not allowed.

7. Moderators of the server always have the final say and can enforce anything else not listed here if they feel it endangers the moral and ethical code of the server.
If you believe you have been falsely punished, please contact us via Discord.


SCP-575: 50% chance to be enabled per round, blacks out HCZ every 5-8.3 minutes for 30-90 seconds.
RemoteKeycard: Allows players to open doors without holding their keycard.
SCPSwap: Allows SCP players to swap their roles via .scpswap [number] in client console.