Welcome to The Anomalous SERVER!!
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The Following plugins have been added to the Server:
- SCP 914 now allows you to hold your key
card while upgrading

- Better disarming means pesky peeps who run after getting disarmed
cant use doors and elevators

- SCP's regenerate 25 health every 5 seconds they stand still
so you better get em.

The Following Scp's have been given a buff to their HP:

049: 1700 -> 2400
096: 2000 -> 3444
173: 3200 -> 3333
049-2:400 -> 800
939:2200 -> 2900

SCP 106 Pocket dimensions will not allow you to way-point an exit, dead bodies disappear, and the exit changes every successful escape.
Therefore, you have a 1/6 chance to escape that's a 16% chance of getting out every time you're captured. in other words good luck.

*Hacking and cheating is frowned upon* so don't do it if you make an admin mad enough you may be kicked "forever"

There are no "real" rules to this server
and ff is on do what you want with that information. :)

Though I encourage you to
Be nice, Play fair, and Have fun.

Peanut infection and SCP 343 are soon to be active Gamemodes let me know if you like the idea or not
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