[AU] Invorix Server #1 | Casual
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Server Info:
Serpent's Hand - May spawn instead of chaos insurgency to assist SCPs, escaping D-Class nearby serpent's hand will join the team.
SCP Swap - SCPs can type .scpswap scpnumberhere within a time period from the beginning of the round to request to swap with whatever player is playing the specified role. If that player accepts, your roles will be swapped.
Buddy - Lets you pair up with another player before the round begins, and spawn in on the same team as them.To use, '.buddy <friend's name>' before the round starts (friend's name does not need to be exact).
Better Sinkholes - BetterSinkholes is a plugin that makes sinkhole environmental hazards found in Light Containment Zone. With the use of this plugin, players who walk into sinkholes fall into the pocket dimension.

Server Rules:
1. Keep it civil
2. No excessive mic use.
3. No cross-teaming