Server Info

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Server Rules

[0] Use your common sense. Please.

[1] Harassing players or being very toxic will get you banned quickly.

[2] Do not shut doors on your teammates intentionally.

[3]Do not kill cuffed Class-D, If you uncuff them you can not KOS until they are armed or attempting to escape you.

[3.1] Also with KOS if they say they surrender then you can not kill them unless they are armed.

<size=15>[3.2] And KOSing Class-D is not allowed unless they are armed, or first spawn wave happens.

<size=15>[4] Don't delay the round for too long or an admin will spawn a lot scp or something that ends the game.

[5] You can play music and sound but please do not play earape or some loud sound turning it down a little bit would help us not to get hearing loss and if a player or an admin tells you to stop then stop if not you will be kicked(and please don't use your soundboard or make excessive noise in scp chat, spectator chat, on the radio or on Intercom).

[6] You can team so like mtf teaming with scp but don't team sabotage so like turning off the gens or scp 079 killing his fellow scp with Tesla.

[7] Exploits are forbidden and you will be banned if you use them.