<c>Anomaly Facility

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Server Rules
[0] You must be 13 or older. Lots of profanity and inappropriate jokes.
[1] Use your common sense & be mature...
[2] Harassing players, using slurs or being toxic in general will get you banned quickly.
[3] Teaming is prohibited. The only exceptions to this is [Class-D & Scientists] [SCP & Chaos (If not saving a D-Boi)]
[4] Do not shut doors on your teammates intentionally (especially to kill them).
[5] Do not kill disarmed Class-D. This includes someone that is actively being disarmed.
[6] Delaying the round will get you slain or kicked if you continue.
[7] Mic-spamming is not allowed. This includes playing music, using soundboards, Ect. (In spectator only)
[8] Exploits are forbidden and you will be banned if you use them.
[9] KOS anytime someone says "I Surrender" is prohibited, You must ask if they surrender and give 5 seconds before shooting. You can send evidence to our Discord.


Modded Information

- To aid SCP 939 his size has been reduced by 25% and is now faster, but then made slower after huting someone. Along with his adrenaline bar showing his current anger.

- Custom items will spawn in random locations that tell what they do upon picking them up.

- The Facility has been having some Door & Light system repairs recently.

- Spectators can see spawn tickets along with when the respawn is.

- Scientists have been leaving a lot of things inside SCP 012 but is it worth trying to get it?

- SCP 106 dies too fast, so now he can stalk to people and his dimension resets, when one finally escapes.

- Mobile task force won't cut it? The UIU Squad may be more capable.

- Finally get SCP but your dog for the 5th time? .SCPSwap and become an SCP no ones taken yet!~ </c>