Failure to abide by these rules will result in punishment.

(1) Please be nice to each other. It's okay to joke around with your friends, but try not to take it too far with people you don't know!
(2) No racism, homophobia, ableism, sexism, usage of slurs, NSFW etc. This has a zero tolerance policy. This should be a safe place for everybody!
(3) Please refrain from talking about triggering topics. Be mindful of people!
(4) Don't be nonconsensually sleazy with members of this server.
No ear-rape or mic spamming music and/or soundboards, this server is a safe place for streamers and will not tolerate copyrighted music. Nobody likes micspam.
(6) Do not delay the round by camping for longer than 3 minutes. Let's give everyone the chance to have fun!
(7) Any form of Exploits, DDOSing, Hacking, Stream Sniping, etc. is strictly prohibited.
(8) Self-advertising in-game is not allowed. It is a safe server for streamers, but don't self-promote to others.
(9) Do not beg for moderator/admin abuse or becoming staff. Our staff is carefully selected through our Discord. If we need staff, you will know.
(10) Do not leave the game to avoid playing as any SCP's.
(11) SCP's / Chaos Insurgency are not allowed to team with MTF / Guards.
(12) Do not kill or uncuff personnel not cuffed by yourself.

If you'd like to have your pronouns added as a role, to avoid any conflicts/mistakes, join our Discord!
Luvii's Covey Discord: https://discord.gg/XQUT3Nzq4T