Welcome to our little SCP Server!

This server is meant to provide a easier place for streamers to get together with their communities and arrange events. If you would like to join in and get the tag Streamer and/or possibly be granted the ability to arrange events contact me on my Discord at: The Cane#4526.


1. No bullying! This includes slurs, racism, sexism or otherwise offensive behavior. We want this to be a stream friendly server where everyone has fun.
2. Mic spamming, music or otherwise ear damaging sounds in Radio, Intercom or Spectator chat is not allowed.
3. If you see a Streamer on the server refrain from using copyrighted music without asking for permission. Streamers are displayed in the player list.
4. Teaming is not allowed. Meaning you can't team with someone you can't win with. For example SCP:s can team with Chaos but not with D-boys. Temporarily agreements are allowed, like an SCP letting a scientist go if they use their card to open a door for them.
5. Ghosting, meaning using an exterior program to give information to living players is not allowed. (This includes Stream sniping).
6. Closing doors, stealing cards or similar things against your own teammates are not allowed (Except for D-boys). Zombies are not allowed to kills themselves.
7. Don't use glitches, hacks or other game breaking features.
8. If a an event is taking place, join in or wait until it is over. Do not attempt to sabotage.
9. While the title says EU, try to keep to English so that everyone has a chance to understand.
10. Make sure that you're enjoying yourself and having fun ;)

If you've enjoyed your time in our little server feel free to join our discord server.
CLICK HERE to join

Plugin list: (Mostly just admin commands).
049 can talk with V