This server is modded! All mods are listed in server info.
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1. Be kind and respectful to other players.
2. Have common sense in what is generally considered wrong and right.
3. Do not mic spam, or play music into your mic.
4. Our admin team has final say, no matter how much you disagree.
5. Have fun!
Reporting a player in the ingame menu will forward it to our staff!
Mod List
) 914 applies to held items.
) SurfaceTension by SplashyFlame "After the warhead detonates, all players health will slowly tick down outside."
) Chopper-Drop by Kalerie "Makes a chop drop down supplys at the surface every 10 minutes!"
) DocRework by blackruby "Gives our good old Doctor - SCP-049 - a well deserved buff and more effective tools to cure people from the pestilence. Reaching a specified number of cures, the Doctor becomes euphoric and spawns an aura around himself that heals SCP-049-2s every few seconds."
) Zombie Spawn Wave by Arith "Adds a 1% chance that Chaos Insurgency will spawn as SCP 049-2."
) BetterSCP939 by iopietro. "SCP-939 size has been reduced by 25%, it's faster than humans and will get slowed down after hurting someone. In return, its attack will be boosted based on the damage taken. The adrenaline bar will show how much angry it is."
) Better079 by Virtual "Improves SCP-079's gameplay by adding some new abilities for 079 to use.
There are currently 4 abilities, some are more for helping your SCP friends kill humans and others for directly killing humans. 079 also instantly dies if last alive."
) SerpentsHand by Cyanox62. "This class works with the SCPs to eliminate all other beings. They have a chance to spawn instead of a squad of Chaos Insurgency."
) SCP-035 by Cyanox62 "Adds an SCP to the game that can disguise as items, that when are picked up kill the recieving player."
) PlayerXP by Cyanox62 "Adds a leveling system to your server. Users start at level 1, and gain experience through doing tasks such as escaping as a classd or scientist, winning the round, killing an SCP, etc."
) PFE by Cyanox62 "Peanut explodes on death."