Welcome to da bois scp

1. no racism, discriminating or homophobia. this will result in an immediate kick, followed by a permanent ban if continued.
2. admin words are final.
3. no soundboarding. unless done by badge.
4. NO teaming. this includes Chaos Insurgency teaming with the scps.
5. Friendly fire is turned off.
6. No mentally harming people. Think before you say something that might hurt someone.
7. No sabotaging team. (for example closing door just to annoy someone. closing door to save yourself is allowed)
8. No camping. you can hold a door but you can't just stay there the entire round.
9. No promoting other servers.
10. No using third party programs to get an advantage in-game. this will report in an immediate ban.
11. No ghosting (using others to get information about enemy positions. Through discord for example)
12. 079 is not allowed to kill other scps
13. dont kill yourself if you dont like your role (example jumping off the stairs at 173s containment cell as d-class or at heavy containment as any class)
ramoyquinn#3821(server owner)
meester koolmees#0493(admin)

This server has EXILED installed.
currently the plugins installed are:
Admintools by Joker-119
Stalky106 by RogerFK