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-Don't be annoying or you will be server muted (excessive intercom, mic spam is ok but stop if asked, being toxic, etc.)
-No mass TK
-No tk if scientist, SCP-079, Chaos insurgency, D-class
-No using exploits

unlike most servers we have a D-class KOS rule (PLEASE READ IT IS IMPORTANT)

therefore some extra things to note when playing as a facility guard is that D-class KOS isn't allowed unless...
-the D-class has a weapon equipped or in their inventory (if they are detained and drop a weapon )
-there is only one guard/MTF present
-there is more than one D-class present
-the D-class resists arrest
-they are an escapist (If a D-class escapes detainment even once they are classified as an escapist)
Failure to follow these instructions will mean you went AWOL in which case all MTF and guards are tasked with killing you and and an announcement will be made by an admin
therefore you are allowed to "kill all D-bois" just know that the consequence of that everyone in the facility will be tasked with killing you
this is a new change we have added so please give us your feedback on the discord