(Discord rules written by Sylar - Co-Owner) (SL rules written by Discord Moderator - Owner/Founder)

Welcome to the Peanut's Playground Discord Server! This server will keep you up on all updates made onto the SCP: Secret Laboratory server.
You can also use the server to look for any gamers to play with on the SCP: Secret Laboratory server.

ip = peanutservers.net

Plugins = BetterSCP939, Lone079, DCReplace, SCPSwap, Autonuke, Remotekeycard, 106stalk, WaitandChillreborn.
Configs = Hand-Upgrade, and Slowrestart.

Server Info = This is a server where we do occasional events, and usually normal rounds. We don't consider shops or special roles as an event, we just consider it as a regular round where admins can use their power for once in their lives. We are a server like starcat's server, we sometimes just go around doing random things, example = talking with random players, trolling people without ruining their game.

SL Rules:
1. Do not harass anyone no matter what or it will lead to a ban
2. Please do not crash the server and if you see someone trying to crash the server then report it on the discord server or in the game which would be easier.
3. Do not ear rape, you are allowed to mic spam but not on intercom, spectator chat, or SCP chat.
4. Do not beg for admin or it will lead to a kick
5. Please do not discriminate anyone even if they are gay or something you don't like.
6. If you are an admin, when you host events please do not admin abuse/ruin others gameplay.
7. Teamkill is not allowed, the only reason it will occasionally be on is because of an event.
8. No toxicity to any extent and if someone is purposely being annoying then just report it.
9. Do not kill detained D class/Scientists.
10. Advertising is not allowed to any extent, you cannot do purposely do this: ah, I'm bored, I'm going to go play on senpai's playground. ( EXCEPTION FOR PARTNER )
11. If you do something bad e.g = Hacking, if you leave it will be a much harsher punishment, because your just making it hard for the owner by leaving and then making him ip ban you when he could have been adding plugins, etc.

Punishments/Consequences to your actions: Hacking = 50y Ban, Admin abusing = Derank/1 month ban, saying the n word = 1y ban, micspamming in SCP chat/Spec chat = 1d ban, etc. (NOT EVERY EXAMPLE IS HERE, IF THE CONSEQUENCE IS NOT SAID HERE THEN YOU WILL BE WARNED OF IT IF YOU ACCIDENTALLY DO IT.)

Discord Server: https://discord.gg/wmKBBHd6tk