<b>Nut Inc.

Join the Discord! https://discord.gg/nut <size=10><-- Clickable Link

This is a heavily modded server so if you would like to find more info on the mods that this server has,
head over to <color=#54d1f7>#plugins
in the discord.

This is a server just to hang out and have fun, there are some rules.

Server Rules:

1a. No mic spam, soundboard is okay just don't play annoying/earrape stuff.

1b. If you are using a soundboard ONLY use it in proximity chat. <color=#a3a3a3>(No use in SCP, Spectator, or Radio Chat)

1c. Soundboard on intercom is okay as long as it follows rule 1a and is good. (NO GENERIC MEMES. WE HAVE HEARD NEVER GONNA GIVE YOU UP 1000 TIMES)

2. Don't be racist. (This includes use of ANY racial slurs)

3a. Do not kill Class-D in Light Containment until first MTF or Chaos spawn unless in self defense or they are not cooperating.

3b. Scientists CAN kill Class-D in Light Containment regardless of MTF/Chaos spawn.

3c. Class-D can be killed in Heavy Containment and Entrance Zone regardless of spawn.

3d. DO NOT kill cuffed/detained Class-D. (Class-D that surrender in light count as well. Also, why would you?)

4. NO CLOSING DOORS ON TEAMMATES. NO EXCEPTIONS! (Repeat offenders will be temporarily banned)

5. Respect staff. They have final say.

6a. Chaos/D-Class CAN team with SCPs but you do not have to.

6b. Teams that obviously shouldn't should not team. (Hold F1 in-game for more info if you don't know)

7. SCPs can show mercy to unarmed personnel such as D-Class or Scientists but do not have to.

8. Don't Ghost, Cheat, Exploit, Delay Rounds, etc. (Standard common sense stuff)

9. Do not kill yourself if you are a class you don't like. (There is SCP SWAP)