<b>Nut Inc.

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Nut Inc is based out of and hosted in the US-West region.
Experiencing issues connecting to the servers? Check our status page for more info: <color=#54d1f7>https://status.nutinc.net/

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Interested in providing feedback or server suggestions? Check out the <u>#suggestions-and-feedback
channel in the Discord server.

If you notice any server bugs please report them to the server bugs channel in the Discord.

This is a server just to hang out and have fun, there are some rules.

<color=orange>Server Rules:

Mic Rules:
1a. No mic spam. Soundboard is okay, but avoid playing loud or annoying sounds.
1b. Use soundboards in proximity chat only. Do not use them in SCP voice chat, spectator chat, or on the radios.
1c. Soundboards are permitted on the intercom if they adhere to rule 1a and are not repetitive and annoying.

Respect and Language:
2. No racist, sexist, or homophobic remarks will be tolerated. (This includes all slurs, such as the r-slur)

Class Interaction:
3a. Guards are not allowed to harm Class-D in Light Containment unless in self-defense or if they are uncooperative. However, guards can harm Class-D after a spawn wave.
3b. Scientists are allowed to harm Class-D in Light Containment.
3c. Class-D can be harmed in Heavy Containment and Entrance Zone at any time.
3d. Do not harm detained Class-D or Scientists. (This includes those who are surrendering)


Respect for Staff:
5. Always respect the staff members. They have the final say in disputes.

Teaming and Mercy:
6a. Chaos/Class-D can ally with SCPs, but it's optional.
6b. Some teams shouldn't ally. (Press F1 in-game for details)
6c. SCPs can spare and show mercy to unarmed personnel like D-Class or Scientists, but it's their choice.

Fair Play:
7a. Play fairly. Avoid ghosting, cheating, exploiting, or delaying rounds. (Ensure everyone enjoys the game)
7b. If you dislike your class, don't kill yourself or rejoin to change it. This is a rule for all classes.

Common Sense:
8a. Use your common sense.

Featured Patrons
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