Tingjora Server.

Server Quirks:
7 players spawn 2 scps, 10 players spawn 3 scps, 14 players get 4 scps.
Guards and MTF do not trigger tesla gates.
Respawn time for MTF/Chaos is between 5 and 8 minutes.
Running 914inventorychange plugin and 914 custom recipes to prevent item destruction. Also there's a few little surprises in there for those willing to gamble.

Friendly fire is on BUT TEAM KILLING IS NOT ACCEPTED. Team kills will result in kicks. Friendly fire is on for those who wish to get revenge on others who sold them out.
In addition, if you are camera and are actively trying to kill scps with tesla that is a kick.
No ledge guarding, especially against scps. If you are found ledge guarding you will be punished for it. This includes:
--Jumping over the railing above chaos spawn on surface to force the scp to go around
--Jumping onto the filing cabinet in entrance to avoid 096
--Jumping over the railing and over the gap onto the side wall in the ammo t-junction in heavy containment.
No trapping scps behind carded doors. We all want to play and have fun, nobody likes being caged up and that includes scps.
No killing d-boys/scientists without reason. Guards/MTF/Chaos all have disarmers and can convert.
Card Hoarding is heavily frowned upon. No one likes being stuck in light with no way out. If you are upgrading cards and leaving them about to grab, fair enough, but if you go through checkpoints with all those cards on you that is not acceptable.