<align=center>Arckei Network
"Where nothing is broken and everything is a feature."

<size=16>For server settings please see the discord.

1. Don't be an ass, use common sense.
2. This is an English speaking server, please only speak English.
3. Mic. Spam may result in a mute.
4. Don't excessively friendly fire other or otherwise teamkill another player.
5. Threats against Arckei Network, it's players, or affiliates is strictly forbidden.
6. Don't cheats, trainers, tools, or anything that could give you an unfair advantage.

<size=11>This is a rule that is on EVERY verified server spoken, unspoken, written, or not. Northwood (SCP:SL) holds a zero-tolerance policy for cheating for more information regarding this see: Northwood's Ban Policy
Regarding Global staff, we hold no jurisdiction over the Global Moderation Team and they are not required to enforce the house rules. In most cases, they are on the server to look for and ban cheaters.
Last Update: July 26th, 2020
Any questions or concerns can be resolved on the discord otherwise, contact: Kei Shin#4780 OR [email protected] (Discord is preferred)