[Haunted Gaming]

Language : English
General rules
1. Respectful interaction is a must.
2. Racist, anti-Semitic or other offensive terms or statements are prohibited.
3. Soundboards are only permitted until a person feels harassed or attacked. Mic rape is prohibited.
4. Muting team members is prohibited.
5. Exploiting bugs or loopholes in the rules is prohibited.
6. The use of a functioning microphone is mandatory.
7. Self-promotion or advertising for third parties is prohibited.
8. The use of reports and tickets is prohibited.
9. Support flight is prohibited.
10. When you enter the server, you automatically accept the rules.
11. RChanges do not have to be announced. Ignorance does not protect against punishment. It is the player's duty to keep up to date with the latest version of the rules.
In-game rules
Chaos Insurgency = SCPs
Facility guards = MTF
MTF = Scientists
Scientists = Facility guards
Chaos Insurgency = D-Class
D-Class = Chaos Insurgency
Partially Allowed
Scientists = D-Class
Facility guards = D-Class
Not allowed
MTF X Chaos Uprising
D-Class X MTF
Scientists X SCP
D-Class X SCP
Guardians of the Facility X SCP
Chaos Insurgents X Scientists
Chaos Insurgency X Guardians of the Facility
1. The theft of SCP-914 is prohibited.
Exception: You bind the person.
2. Killing in the tutorial is prohibited.
3. Camping (staying in a room for more than 3 minutes) is only allowed if you:
a) do not have a card to open the door
b) are under siege
c) are in SCP-914
Bug Abuse (using a glitch to your own advantage) is forbidden.
4. Meta-Gaming or Ghosting is prohibited.
5. Trolling/Teamtrolling is prohibited.
6. The use of hacks/cheats is prohibited.
7. Role escape is prohibited.
8. False Reporting is prohibited.
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