<style="Title">Welcome to Quincy's SCP Party!</style>

Our website: quincyscp.ga

Thank you for joining our community, before joining, please read the rules, they can be found in our <color=#0087FF>Discord Server.
If there are any issues concerning someone breaking the rules, we'd appreciate it if you report it in the appropriate channel on our Discord Server WITH PROOF (this can either be a screenshot or preferably a video)</color>

If there are any issues or questions regarding staff or the server itself, you can contact the founder on Discord at:


- Hacking is absolutely not allowed!
- No racism, homophobia, etc. are allowed.
- Keep political views to a minimum and keep it clean, staff may ask you to stop if it gets too bad.
- We are an English-only server and so we use the English language, we ask you to use this language too. If you do not speak English, we ask you politely to move on to a different server. Staff will take whatever action they think is right if you refuse to leave or speak English.

SCPs – Kill anyone. (It is advised you team with Chaos as you can win the game with them alive, but that
is up to you)

Class D – Can kill anyone who isn’t on their team even if they aren’t holding a weapon.
Scientist – Can kill anyone who isn’t on their team even if they aren’t holding a weapon.
Chaos – Are allowed to kill scientists.
MTF/Facility Guard – Can’t kill or intentionally hurt D-class unless they are holding a weapon, disarm them and then let
them escape to become MTF.

If a person refuses arrest or a reasonable instruction and you have clearly told them to stop, then you have the right to shoot after at least 1 warning.
Punishments are relative to the severity of the offence(s).

All MTF (Commanders, Lieutenants, NTF Scientists, Cadets, Facility Guards) spawn with disarmers and so you must use them.

Report a player to staff through the #reports channel OR with the in-game report function.

In-game toxicity:

- Waiting to close doors on people/intentionally closing doors on teammates.

- Causing the death of your team, (I.E. opening doors and getting everyone killed)

- Constant teaming (Unless it's to save your life, for a short period of time, as in a panic setting)

- Killing other SCPs as 079

- Mic spam (including earrape, music and voice, normal soundboard use is allowed if it's not used to spam)

- General toxicity is NOT allowed by any means.

We have a range of different plugins to improve your experience on the server:

- AdminTools
Provides vital commands for the server staff.
- Common Utils
Adds many QoL features and commands.
- DiscordIntegration
A bot and plugin that allow serverlogs to be linked with our Discord server.
- Chopper Drop
A plugin which emulates a chopper dropping supplies in Entrance Zone.
- RainbowTags
Makes SIMP tags colorful.
- SCPSL-Gamemodes
Adds a bunch of cool and fun events that are easy to configure.
- SCPUtils
Adds many features that are crucial for the gameplay aspect of our server.
- WaitAndChillReborn
Adds the ability to spawn as a tutorial before the start of the round.
- DCReplace
Replaces a player with a random spectator if they leave.
- Images
Adds the ability to use images on the intercom screen.
'Peanut Fcking Explodes'
- Realistic Sizes
Makes each human a random size at the start of the round.
- RemoteKeycard
Makes you able to open doors without holding out your keycard.
- Ultimate-AFK
Handles AFK players.
- EndConditions
Grants the ability to set custom end conditions for each round.
- SCP-008-X
Gives SCP-049-2 players the ability to infect its targets on hit.
- Stalky106
Gives Larry (SCP-106) the ability to teleport to its targets.
- WarheadOnRoundEndExiled
Simple plugin that blows up the nuke at round end.
- SCP-012
You should read the<color=#0087FF> WIKI-article.</color>
- ForceSTS
Spawns all NTF in a line at the wall.
- RespawnTimer
Adds the much-loved respawn timers on the spectator screen.
- Delayed-ClassD-Doors-FIX
Delays the opening of the Class-D doors at round start.
- BanLogger
Logs all bans with additional information in our Discord channels.
- JesusQCsAutoUpdater
Automatically updates all server plugins at server restart.
- SCPStats
Tracks your gameplay data to see the different gameplay statistics on the <color=#0087FF>SCPStats website.</color>