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1) Do not meta-game, it ruins the game for others and sometimes can give you an unfair advantage. (Meta-gaming is getting information outside of the game)
2) Teaming is allowed for certain teams - Chaos can be neutral against SCPs but not Serpents Hand - D-Class can team with SCPs and Scientist if really needed (They just cant let the D-Class escape) - Serpents hand can let D-Class escape and turn them into Serpents hand - MTF can team with D-Class if they are disarmed/handcuffed
3) Don't mic-spam or be annoying to much on the intercom or spectator chat, just try not to be annoying in general.
4) Don't be toxic to one another, if someone tells you to stop being rude simply stop.
5) Do not purposely delay the game by camping, teaming or any other means to delay the game.
6) Do not attempt to kill your teammates, TK is allowed for roleplay purposes but mass TK is prohibited. Closing doors on your teammates is allowed but do not try to trap or kill your teammates which could delay the round or annoy somebody.
7) Do not attempt to grab or share anybody's personal information around the server.
8) Listen to what staff say, most of the time their word is final.
9) Racism, slurs or any other rude words or sayings that might offend or hurt anybody are prohibited, if you are saying something bad or racist you will be banned instantly.
10) Do not find any loopholes in the rules.

This server has multiple plugins like..
Serpents Hand
Respawn Timer
SCP 106 Stalk
Better 939
Peanut F&65ing Explodes
and more..