Discord: https://discord.gg/fGupTFte

Please familiarize yourself with our rules.
Ignorance isn't an excuse, buddy!

Staff have the final say in disagreements; if you believe their thoughts are wrong, come to our Discord and bring it to us.

No micspam or ear rape in spectator chat, intercom, radio, or SCP chat (global chats).
• Micspam is, to us, repeated use of in-game voice chat to annoy or pester others.
• Including but not limited to overly loud or distorted audio.
• You should be warned before being kicked. Repeated offenses will result in a ban.

No purposeful teamkilling.
• Friendly fire is on to encourage communication and positioning, rather than make every engagement a spam fest.
• Just because it's on does not mean you're allowed to randomly TK folks.
• You will be warned if seen TKing here and there. You will be banned without warning for mass TK.

Be respectful.
• We're all here to have fun. Don't pester, annoy, or harass your fellow comrades while on our server.
• If someone tells you to stop, please cut the shit.
• Killing yourself as a zombie here will net you a warning. This ruins the game for 049, and makes his whole ability pointless.
• You will be warned first. If you are overly obtrusive (micspamming slurs, for example), you will be banned without warn.

This should be obvious, but no cheating.
• It's simple. If you are using something not intended by the developers in order to gain an advantage, you are cheating.
• There's no warning for this one, folks.

No holding up rounds.
• Teaming when you're the only ones left, or hiding when you're the only human, counts as holding the round.
• You won't be banned, but you will likely be pulled to spectator in this event.

Do not kill handcuffed enemies.
• We prefer you attempt to cuff enemy D-Class or Scientists, as that will add to your faction's manpower.
• We won't stop you from killing them beforehand, but cuffing them, then killing them, is not allowed--this is tantamount to TK.

Additional Note:
• Staff have been instructed to help classes who are stuck. If you trap an SCP in a room, we will leave it there for about a minute before letting it loose. Nobody likes sitting in one place for a whole game, and it can potentially stall the round.