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1.) Do not hack and or cheat. This includes using any bugs or exploits in the game that either give you an unfair advantage or give the other players an unfair disadvantage.

2.) Do not teamkill or damage your teammates. Crossfire and self-defense are tolerated.

3.) Do not delay the round by either: not contributing, hiding without reason, or just not playing.

4.) Cross teaming is only allowed if there is a mutual benefit in a way that makes sense. Ex: somebody holding up a round and the SCPs and NTFs work together to hunt them down, Scientists and Class D having to survive light containment together, SCP showing mercy if it makes sense to not kill somebody in that moment (like not killing Class D Personnel in the moment to take out Guards or NTF)

5.) Do not use your voice/microphone in a way that is considered spam. This includes: music, videos, unwanted singing when you are in spectator chat, SCP chat, or over the intercom)

6.) Do not express racist, sexist, or homophobic views or use slurs in any way under any circumstance whether it's over voice or through your in-game name.

7.) The say of admins is final. You are not to argue or question any decision and any decision that is made is allowed by the admin at the time. If one has told you something is tolerable at one point and another says it is not that is up to the discretion of the individual.