This server is not used for normal gameplay.

This server is a dedicated public testing environment, to help find and reproduce bugs or other issues in a place isolated from plugins or other modifications influencing them. It is a reliable alternative to the unsupported "Create Game" feature.
All players here are allowed and have free access to the admin tools, to ease the testing.

<b>To access the Remote Admin panel, insert a password located in our Discord server, in the "Essential Information" section.
Click here for Discord invite or go to


1. Be respectful to other players and refrain from toxicity or harassment.

2. Do not disturb others by playing loud audio, limiting view or restricting access to the server with ingame or outside methods.
- "Restricting access" means kicking or banning the player with Remote Admin without any valid reason.

3. Intentionally lagging, crashing or softlocking the server is prohibited.
- It's only allowed if approved by a Northwood QA Tester. If the server becomes unusable, contact them.

4. Changing important values in the configuration files such as permissions, configs affecting the connection or playability is prohibited, unless approved by a Northwood QA Tester.
- If configuration files were changed, it is required to bring them back to original state after the test.

5. Using any third-party cheating or hacking software on the server is prohibited.
- This applies to any software trying to bypass in-game anticheat.