[US] Illumination SCP

Discord Link: Discord.gg/N5zj3Sdc3jM

This server is still a WIP and things may not work as intended

1. Micspamming, earrape, and soundboards are prohibited in global chats. You are allowed to play soundboards over intercom as long as it isn’t obnoxiously loud. These limitations do not apply to proximity chat.</b>
2. Don't impersonate/disrespect players or staff members.
<color=#9f38ff>3. Cheating is STRICTLY prohibited and will result in a ban. Repeatedly exploiting can result in a ban.

4. Racism, homophobia, toxicity, hate speech, and anything similar is prohibited.
5. No ghosting/metagaming. This includes telling SCPs (like 939) where targets are.
6. Don’t purposefully delay rounds. Staff will let you know if you’re last, if online.
7. Killing D-Class & Scientists on sight is prohibited. This includes handcuffed personnel. You may give either class reasonable orders and kill them if they do not comply. This rule includes handcuffed personnel.
8. False surrendering is against our rules. You may not surrender and proceed to kill whoever you surrender to. Surrendering lasts until separated for an extended period of time.
9. Cross-teaming is prohibited. SCPs may “ignore” or “show mercy” to classes if it benefits them. SCPs may not team with foundation personnel but can team with Chaos.
An in-depth rulebook can be found <b><color=#8137CE>here</b></color>

Current Gameplay Changes:
BetterLockers: Improves the loot of lockers.
CustomItems: Adds custom items & weapons, such as grenade launchers and C4.
DoorRestartSystem: Occasionally locks all doors in light, even to 079.
MapEditorReborn: Allows custom objects and maps to be spawned.
SCPSwap: Allows SCPs to swap by running .scpswap in the player console.
SpectatorList: Shows a list of players spectating you on the right side of your screen.
Stalky106: Allows 106 to randomly teleport to players at the cost of his portal location. (Broken)
UIURescueSquad: MTF respawns have a small chance to be replaced by a smaller, more powerful wave.