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We are friendly server built for the people who wanna have a good and fun time.

Discord: Click Here

- Remote Keycards, you don't need to hold your keycard to open a door.
- SCP-914 Class Changes meaning Class D can change to Scientists and vice versa.
- End of Round Friendly Fire, feel free to friendly fire when the round ends.
- Chopper Drops meaning supplies will be delivered on the surface every 10 minutes.
- SCP-049-2 Infection allowing SCP-049-2 to infect others. If somebody dies from an infection, they instantly become another SCP-049-2.
- Generator Malfunctions leading to lights-out situations. Class D & Scientists will spawn with lights.
- SCP-106 Stalking meaning SCP-106 can sinkhole near to any targets.
- SCP Swaps so if there are multiple SCPs, they can swap with each other.

- 1 Absolutely no hate speech intended to be offensive or hostile to anyone, no racism, anti-LGBT speech, and etc. This is of course dismissed if saying it directly to someone who of course also agrees it is but a mere joke and finds it funny and not offensive. No saying the "N-word" or "F-word" (one to discriminate homosexuals) though. Anything of this sort that isn't deemed allowed by the circumstances stated will result in a permanent ban.

- 2 Guards cannot kill D-class for no reason, they may kill them if the D-class is disregarding orders, resisting, attempting to flee, or get you killed whether by other people or themselves having a weapon. Guards CAN KOS once an NTF or Chaos spawn wave has happened.

- 3 No team sabotage or wrongful teaming, SCPs cannot team with D-class, Scientists, Guards, or NTF. No shutting doors on teammates to inconvenience them or make the game harder, especially in attempt to get them killed. No killing people who are cuffed too, even scientists.

- 4 No disrespecting the staff, rules, or members of the server. And do not persist on asking for staff perms/RA password and etc

- 5 No overly loud or annoying SFX/Noises on intercom, pre-game chat and radio/scp chat

- 6 Anyone deemed a threat to the server or the people on it may be insta banned without reason having to be served

- 7 Do not prioritise the death/misfortune of staff members due to their rank or role on the server.
- -7.1 Do not encourage people to do so as well, we are to be treated as normal players on this server.

- 8 No playing copyrighted music or sfx at all. People here record.

- 9 There's always several staff online but a LOT of them hide their tag, so don't assume it's the Server owner or someone else when a broadcast is on top of your screen. You'll know it's Steiner's if the text is red.

- 10 Attention wave spawners! You have one job and one job only, kill all the bad guys and escort people out. So do it, I don't wanna see any of you maggots hanging around on surface having a tea party or conversation, move your ass down into the facility. (That means stop staying on surface and doing nothing, go)

Steiner's (owner) steam account link (clickable): Steiner
Server Chief Developers Steam account link (clickable): Doctor_Healer
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