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Server Rules
1. Racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination will not be tolerated.
2. Teaming in all ways are prohibited. (this goes for SCPs teaming with CI, too)
3. Do not grief your teammates. Doing such as:
Intentionally closing doors on teammates if there's no imminent threat.
Giving away your own teammate's positions before you die.
Slowing or harming your teammates as SCP-079.
Locking teammates in rooms.
Stealing items from teammates.
Jokingly changing the setting on SCP-914.
4. Delaying the round intentionally will get you put into spectator.
5. Mic-spamming is ONLY allowed in proximity chat. This means that mic-spam on intercom, spectator chat and the radio is prohibited and will result in a mute.
6. Do not kill cuffed Class-D and Scientists.
7. Exploits are forbidden and if you are caught using them, you will be permanently banned.
8. Use common sense.

Server Info
- Items can be held and dropped inside of SCP-914 in order to upgrade.
- You can take 3 candies from the candy bowl in the TC-01 room.
- Pink candy can be obtained from the candy bowl in the TC-01 room.
- You can open keycard required doors without holding your keycard out.
- There is a door restart system where the doors around the whole facility restart once in a while.