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Server Location: New York

Event hours: 6-7pm EST on Saturday and Sunday. During this time staff are freely allowed to host events.

1. Harassment/Racist comments are not allowed under any circumstance. This includes racial and homophobic slurs.
2. No earrape in the spectator chat/scp chats/radios/intercom. Music is allowed as long it is not abused and the music is stopped if requested.
3. NTF and Chaos Insurgency CANNOT team under any circumstances. Any other form of teaming is allowed so long as it is not holding up the round.
4. Hacking/Exploiting is not tolerated and is a globally bannable offense.
5. Impersonating members of the staff team is not allowed. All members of our staff team have a badge.
6. All staff members have the final say in all moderation cases.
7. Shooting disarmed & cooperative D-Class as NTF is not allowed. Likewise, shooting disarmed & cooperative Scientists as Chaos Insurgency is not allowed. This rule can be broken if killing said person would end the round, or if said person is refusing to cooperate.
8. Users are advised but not required to disarm opposing factions prior to shooting.
9. Intentional teamkill is not allowed. This specifically applies to SCP-079 with other SCPs in teslas.
10. Admins are allowed to host events provided that at least 3/4th of the server agrees with said event. This does not apply to event hours stated above.

Staff members are advised to free trapped players out of rooms after a certain period of time.

If you feel as though a staff member has taken inappropriate action, please report it to our Discord linked above.


- The alpha warhead will automatically start 20 minutes into the round and cannot be disabled.
- SCPs will gain a small % of health upon killing a human. This does not apply to: SCP-096, SCP-106, and SCP-173
- SCP-914 held and dropped items will be upgraded
- All D-Class spawn with a coin, which has a low chance to change to a janitor keycard on fine, or a high chance to be a flashlight on 1:1
- Sprinting regenerates faster

AdminTools: Miscellaneous tools for staff on our server.

AssistInfection: Gives SCP-049 a visual timer for reviving users and interacting with corpses.

AutoFFToggle: Turns on friendly fire at the end of the round so you can murder your beloved teammates.

Chopper Drops: Every 8 minutes, a helicopter will arrive at gate B and drop medkits, adrenalines, and other items.

CommonUtilities: Same as AdminTools

CreativeToolbox: Displays messages upon interacting with certain doors, as well as miscellaneous tools for staff.

Lights: Allows server staff to black out the lights.

Peanut Fucking Explodes: Peanut explodes when he dies!

SCP-575: Every round, there is a random chance for SCP-575 to spawn. If it does, the lights will go out on an irregular interval and you will be attacked if you do not have a flashlight (or a weapon with a flashlight attachment).

SCP Swap: Playing as an SCP you don't like? You can switch it! Simply run .scpswap [number] in the server console (`) to switch!