Port: 7777

<size=15>Discord: https://discord.gg/GY3Z3u</size=15>

1. No teamkilling.
2. Respect all members and staff members.
3. Don't beg for staff
4. If somebody is breaking the rules please report it in #reports in our discord server
5. Please keep swearing to a limit.
6. No teaming with opponents but chaos insurgency can team with the SCP's
7. Have Fun!

- When in 914 you don't have to drop the items you can keep it in your inventory to upgrade.
- If the event manager is online you might have a chance to win the Event Winner role.
- An admin/manager called "Outit" may be a tutorial and he will say to you good luck buddy. :D
- you escape the pocket dimension in random rooms

<size=20>Plugin List:</size=20>
- Admin Tools
- Custom Door Access
- Better sinkholes
- Chopper Drop
- common-utils
-Discord Integration
- SCP-008
- SCP-575
- SCP-035
- serpents hand
- tranquilliser gun
- all com15s are tranquillisers
- lights
- custom gamemodes
- zombieland
- survival of the fittest
- massacre of the d-bois
- Outbreak
- gang war
- creative toolbox
- remote keycard
- map editor