Alright, for now I will go with simple rules, as I wanna keep it fun and easy!
If I think a rule has to be added, I will do it after!
1. Please behave respectful and try to be nice. The occasional cursing at someone cause he tricked you or shouting "Oh, you ass!" or similar is alright, but don't start outright insulting someone.

2. Camping is allowed, but don't do it for too long. Standing in a single corner and waiting for someone for 5 minutes is kinda over the top. Hiding is alright, as long as you hear stuff you don't like (People dying, Screams, Crying) you can sit in your corner for more than 5 minutes and rethink your life choices.

3. Don't spam music or soundboards, please. As some people might be recording, it would be really inappropriate.

4. By joining the server, you agree that you might be featured in someone elses Video or Livestream.

5. Most importantly, have fun!