[EU/EN] CedMod Community Server 1 [CedMod] <color=#4682B4>https://discord.gg/EghsXBQ

1. Be nice to your fellow players
2. We only speak english.
3. You must have a working microphone.
4. No glitching or exploiting.
5. Respect and obey staff members.
6. Factions(teams) must be obeyed in game. (extended version can be found on our discord).
7. No suicide if you are unpleased with your faction.
8. Do not abuse the nuke, etc do not detonate it immediately.
9. No spamming the intercom.
10. No stream sniping.
11. No pretending to be staff.
12. No advertising of any sort.
13. Use common sense.

1. CedModV2: A platform for staff utilities.
2. Discord intergration: A bridge between SCPSL and discord
3. SCP 575: The facility has a random chance of losing power for around a minute and then scp 575 comes out and attacks people that are in the dark so make sure you equip your flashligt if it happens