Welcome to Memesus' Server.
Here is the https://discord.gg/BfmVtSGdtz if you aren't already a part of it
Here are some ground rules so you don't smited by breaking them

1) Hate Speech or Slurs are not acceptable under any circumstances, fast way to get banned
2) FF is allowed on the server but don't be surprised if everyone hates you for doing it
3) Teaming is not allowed unless its Chaos and SCPs, BUT negotiating is allowed to not get killed instantly by SCPs
4) Mic Spam in Spectator/SCP Chat/ Radio/ Intercoms isn't advised, this also applies to music. People are tying to make content not lawsuits.
5) Do not join the server if you are under the age of 13, you will not survive long.
6) English the the main language on the server so please keep it that way.