Welcome to my (cadet's) server. You can join the discord server here: https://discord.gg/ta7CGPBEwD
Below are the rules you have to follow:
1) No slurs or hate speech against but not limited to, race, sexuality, gender, or any specific group, you are to treat all individuals with respect, and you will still be punished if your name is offensive.
2) No mic spam in dead chat, radio, intercom, or SCP chat.
3) The mods reserve the right to ban, kick, or ban you for stuff not listed here.
4) Do not kill yourself to avoid classes
5) Treat everyone with respect
6) Exploiting loopholes will double your punishment
7) Do not camp in areas as the last one alive, if you know you are the last one alive. (if they have a PC you may stay longer in locked rooms as the last one alive)
8) Do not kill d-class/scientists who are detained, un-detaining a d-class/scientist to kill them will result in punishment
9) Don't team with the SCPs if it stalls the round
10) You may not kill your fellow teammates.

Rules can be added, removed, or edited at any time in the future
Contact email: [email protected]