Discord: https://discord.gg/DcnwKETWeR (W.I.P)

SCP Server Rules:

1. No racism of ANY kind
1a. 1 day ban

2. Nothing homophobic
2a. 1 day ban

3. Hacking, cheating, or using game glitches is not allowed
3a. first offense, 3 day ban, second offense, perma ban

4. Respect everyone
4a. Staff have final say

5. Try not to hold up a game

6. Music/soundboards are fine, just no mic spam
6a. No songs/sound can have racial/homophobic slurs in it
6b. Ram Ranch or anything related to that is NOT allowed

7. If turned into 049-2 dont kill yourself/leave to avoid being it

Staff is very laid back on all the rules other than 1,2 and 3

Things I change about the server:
1. stamina has been increased and recovers faster than it did before (if you'd like that changed joining the discord and make the suggestion under #suggestions link at the top)
more are to come soon so stick around. if you have any suggestions join the discord, I'm open for them.