Welcome to the Cocam'server!
This server is an international server (having as main language English but you can speak another language)
However, for everyone's comfort, we ask you to follow these rules (sanctions may be imposed)

- It is obviously forbidden to use unauthorized software.

- show calm and maturity, during cocam'server sessions it is forbidden to insult

- DO NOT SPAM!!!!! (spam will lead you to a permanent mute)

- Any form of cheating is prohibited.

- There is no point in going back on a ban if you have earned your ban.

- simply comply with the law.

- No mic spam or sounds that could cause hearing loss.

- according to your platform, respect its code of conduct!

- The posting of nudity or inappropriate content is strictly prohibited. (this can range from deleting content to banning the account).

- Do not report for any reason (this can lead from a warning to a permanent suspension of the account).

- any dangerous content is prohibited

- It is forbidden to make "fake reports" on the whole Cocam'server.

- No alliance between humans and SCPs

This rules may be amended in the future.
To contact us, here is our Discord server: https://discord.gg/XMxNutt