SCP: Rendition Vanilla+</size=40>

<size=25>Discord: Click</size=25>

Vanilla+ Changes
Two (2) Second Spawn prot.
100% Colas
25 Minute Autonuke

<color=#7B04FB>Rule 1: Hacking will result in an immediate permanent ban with a game ban issued by official SCP:SL staff to follow.

Rule 2: Harassment, toxic behavior, and hate speech towards other players is strictly prohibited. Racism and slurs will result in an immediate three (3) day ban. This applies regardless of the player’s ethnicity and personal background.

Rule 3: KOS is allowed on this server, however cuffed personnel are exempt from this and cannot be KOS'ed.

Rule 4: Camping in any area for an extended period of time is prohibited. This especially applies to speed-running to the surface as a Facility Guard at the start of the game with no intention of returning to the facility until MTF units arrive.

Rule 5: Cross-teaming is only allowed across classes with mutual win conditions. If the round can not end with both parties alive, then it is not allowed for said parties to team.